Why Can’t We Be Friends?

For the people who really  know me… they know that I’m a devout shark lover. So, I created this adult children’s book to bring attention to some of the most common myths and misconceptions that surround these majestic sea creatures. This book is one of the most exciting projects I have gotten to work on because I got to collab with one of my favorite illustrators, Lauren Barfield. I reached out to Lauren after being a long-time admirer of her Tumblr page (laurenontheinternet). Her aesthetic and sense of humor is exactly what I envisioned for this book and to say I was stoked when she agreed to help, would be an understatement. I provided Lauren with copy and rough sketches/ideas (see entertaining examples below), and she would shoot me back with the final colored visuals. It was a harmonious partnership that made this project seem like cake.

– Student Work –