Chat Vodka

I’m happy to admit that Chat was a complete accident and was never intended to go any further than the classroom. I was assigned a project in my graphic design class during my Sophomore year in college. The challenge was to create a beverage brand; design the logo and packaging, and present it on mock prototypes. I knew I wanted to create a vodka because I always admired unique and beautiful bottles of liquor, so I wanted a shot at creating one. My father helped me construct the prototype out of plexiglass and I later presented it to the class with an outpouring of positive feedback. I had a strange desire to take the project beyond the classroom walls – I knew there was something more to it. After one year of eating, sleeping and breathing vodka (not literally), Chat made its way to the market and onto shelves, starting in New Jersey. So far, Chat has been stocked in 4 states and over 26 establishments in the US, and hopefully more to come in the future.

share. chat. connect.

I chose the name Chat because it symbolizes conversation, communication, and more importantly; connection. Our target demographic has a life that significantly revolves around talking, texting, and dm-ing. Chat promotes these conversations and relationships, and is heavily influenced by texting acronyms and the way communucation has intensely shifted. Years later, and the concept is still very relevant. The brand name paired with the product itself, is positioned for consumers to share, chat and connect.